We pride ourselves on our customer service. Here is a selection of what some of our customers and their families have said about us.

Grateful that the advice was given in such a sensitive and sympathetic way

Without Senior Moves advice and action we would have had great difficulty in achieving a satisfactory downsizing into our apartment and we were grateful that the advice was given in such a sensitive and sympathetic way in what would always be a stressful situation.

Mr & Mrs B – Saffron Walden

They were a great support

I was very happy with the help I had from Senior Moves, they were a great support, I needed advice in many ways. Thank you.

Mrs B – Hounslow

My Mothers move went very smoothly

My Mother who is 85 moved last week. She had lived in a large Bungalow for almost 20 years and was moving to a 1 bedroomed retirement apartment.
She had therefore accumulated a considerable amount of property; furniture, clothes, tableware, electrical appliances and lots of ‘stuff’ including, obviously, many personal effects which required ‘sorting through’.

Over the weeks preceding the move, my Sister and I both tried to work with Mother to bring about the required ‘downsizing’ of her possessions. To say this became a fractious, almost unpleasant experience would be an understatement and very little was achieved due to a lot of resistance on my Mothers part.

This is the point at which I involved Amanda at Senior Moves. Not only was she sympathetic to all of us involved, but brought her experience to bear and was able to work with Mother in a way that we had not previously been able to. The fact that Amanda’s visits seem to have been hugely enjoyed by my Mother AND brought about a mutually agreed reduction in Mothers belongings really did exceed our expectations. Conscious of not wanting to simply ‘dump’ anything that may have been of value to someone else, Amanda also suggested a number of charities who may be interested in taking some of the larger items.

My Mothers move went very smoothly in the end and I am certain that we could not have achieved this without Amanda’s help. I would highly recommend this service to anyone who is struggling to downsize.

MW - Wimborne

I would certainly recommend Senior Moves

I enlisted the aid of Susan Griffiths and Amanda Fyfe of Senior Moves over recent months in connection with my planned move from Hampshire down to Cornwall. I am 75 and the daunting task of sorting belongings,"downsizing" and moving from a 3 bedroom house to a smaller property has been made much easier thanks to their help. Finding suitable venues for an assortment of items was much alleviated by Susan's practical help. I have accumulated a lot of "stuff" over the years - not just of my own but also inherited items - and my attic area (a sizeable 3rd bedroom in reality) had become a dumping ground. I had put off tackling it for too long but with Susan's help and gentle, but firm, nudging in the right direction we have managed to almost clear it of unwanted items. Some things went to auction, some to charity - some to tip. I was more reluctant to let go of old letters/papers/books. But Susan managed, in the nicest possible way, to encourage me and the recycling bin benefited. Apart from the attic we gradually worked through the house, sifting and sorting various cupboards and storage areas and Susan took away (for either charity or tip) several car loads of things. In bedrooms (clothes I hadn't worn in ages), kitchen (bottles etc, surplus china and glass), sitting room (books and records) so now I am left with items that I know I want to keep - at least for the time being.

Meanwhile Amanda did a special trip down to Cornwall from Devon to check that the property there would accommodate all furniture etc that I hope to move with, measured rooms, took photos and drew up a detailed plan. This has also been really helpful, giving me an idea of how things could fit in.

I would certainly recommend Senior Moves to anyone wishing to downsize and for support during the daunting and stressful task of moving home. The Team of Susan and Amanda offer a practical, sympathetic, cheerful, efficient, professional service and they are well worthwhile.

PW - Petersfield

Thank you so much

Thank you so much for your invaluable support over the last few weeks assisting Mrs J with her move to Binswood I can honestly say without your input, compassion and care towards Mrs J we would not have accomplished the final result.

Myself and team look forward to working with you again

AA - Leamington Spa

We couldn't have managed without you

To all at Senior Moves, thank you. Mum is settled which was our top priority, we simply couldn't have managed without you all.

J Sharpe

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