Families Abroad

Photo of Garden BenchWhen you live or work abroad it can be extremely worrying if your family members in the UK are getting frail or unable to support themselves in their current home especially when you are so far away and unable to sort problems for them yourself. This is when it is so important to ensure your family member is moved to a safe environment.

Senior Moves has lots of experience supporting loved ones in the UK all the way through the move process. Most importantly we will spend time listening to what you want to achieve for your family. We ensure good communication takes place throughout, using skype and email we can ensure you are always well informed of each stage of the moving process. We never forget that it is your family we are moving, and therefore it must be the family who makes decisions based on information we obtain, with Senior Moves facilitating those decisions.

Once your family member has moved we also offer a ‘keep in touch’ service (providing your family member is moving to within 5 miles of our office) where we will visit them on an agreed regular basis and ensure they have all they need, and then communicate back to you. This is so helpful if you are worried about them after a phone conversation, or know they need help at specific times for example in sending Christmas cards out, or getting hold of reading material they want. It is these little things which keep them happy.

Case Study

Mrs S lived near the south coast with her only family member a nephew living in New York. The nephew had found a new home for Mrs S in Wiltshire close to his wife’s mother which meant that Mrs S would have close local support. Mrs S was unable to move about in the home she lived in, she could no longer go upstairs and needed help with every aspect of the move. Like most older people moving home this move would involve a lot of downsizing and much of the furniture and belongings in her current home would need to be disposed of.

Once Senior Moves had assessed what furniture could go to the new home and what needed to be disposed of they carried out the downsizing with Mrs S, keeping in touch with her nephew all the time to ensure the family were kept informed of decisions.

Senior Moves organised all the disposal of furniture, the removal company, special transport for Mrs S to get to Wiltshire, reading the meters and closing down the new home, at all times her nephew was provided with the financial costs, information on different suppliers so he could agree all costs before we went ahead.

Mrs S became quite ill during the move process so Senior Moves liaised with her doctor to get her medical records moved quickly to the new doctor they had registered her with; and arranged for her new doctor to visit her the day after the move, to ensure there was no break in care. Senior Moves organised carers, her satellite TV connection, sorted out a problem with the boiler and got her all unpacked and settled into her home. Lastly Mrs S used email to communicate with her nephew but her computer was causing her so many problems that we arranged for Senior Clicks to visit and sort out her computer. Mrs S is now settled, happy and safe in her new home. Her nephew is reassured and can stop worrying about Mrs S’s safety.