Why moving seniors is different

Photo of Tea and CakeWhen you have lived in a home for a very long time moving out of it is hard work, emotionally and physically. Some people have lived in their homes all of their adult lives, raising their families with each room having special memories and each piece of furniture or ornament precious to them for a life time of reasons. The home is the family history

So when the home is no longer suitable and living there becomes difficult a decision needs to be made to move to a smaller home that is right for the future, when this time comes help is needed, lots of help

  • Moving later in life is different to other age groups because it always means downsizing, you will be unable to take everything with you.
  • The move may involve working with multiple agencies or suppliers, estate agents, removal companies, solicitors, cleaning companies, auctioneers, carers and clearance companies. Project managing this amount of suppliers can be daunting and challenging for an older perso
  • The physical work involved in moving belongings around, lifting them out of cupboards, carrying boxes around is often just not possible
  • Often family members who would like to help can also feel overwhelmed due to their own busy lives.

There are so many decisions to be made, not least of which is where do I move to, what type of property do I need right down to, what can I take, which of my treasured memories will fit in to my new home, how will I manage. This is where Senior Moves can help.