Free Consultation

Senior Moves is here to help you or your older family members move home without stress.

Whether you have already decided to move or if you are just beginning to think about moving we can offer you a free consultation, which usually lasts an hour and can be with you or your family/friends.  We are happy to meet you all.

During the consultation we will listen to understand what your requirements are and then fully explain our services to you. Everybody needs something different, we will tailor our services to your requirements and then provide you with a clear written quotation of the service.

Once we start working with you we will agree a plan for your move, from then on Senior Moves can be with you every step of the way, from the preparation stage, during the move itself to preparing the new home

If Senior Moves carries out all the work, you just need to imagine walking into your new home and seeing everything as you wanted it, your furniture in place, your kitchen all tidied away, your clothes hanging in the cupboard, and your lights and lamps in position.  All ready for you to start your new life in your new home.