About us

Amanda Fyfe the founder of Senior Moves was running a busy successful business, juggling work, family, dogs and friends when her parents decided the time had come to move from the family home to be nearer to her. Several months of driving up and down the M5 to them to help organize the move, convinced Amanda and her family that there had to be a better way. During a business trip to the USA, Amanda met a Senior Move Manager and learned about the business. Several trips and some exciting on the job experience later Amanda was in a position to bring this wonderful service to the UK.

Susan Griffiths is co-owner and a director of Senior Moves. Susan had spent her career in logistics management but loved the idea of working as a Senior Move Manager; initially she decided in order to increase the understanding within the company of older people’s needs she would train as a carer for older people, this has provided invaluable. She transitioned to full time Senior Move Management in 2012. Susan and Amanda have known each other for over 25 years.

Amanda says ” My experience of moving my own family was invaluable, it really made me understand the stress and time involved in helping older people move. Today families can be so widely spread that close family support is not always possible. Everyone has busy lives and finding the many hours needed to provide support through difficult decisions and the energy to carry out those decisions can be exhausting for a family. This is what a Senior Move Manager is here to do.”

Our services are as unique as our clients and are fully flexible. We can do it all, or we can do part of it working with the family. We treat all our clients with dignity and respect, just as we would our own parents.